Art of Living Pre-TTC Exprience-2013

I just want to jot down my experience of attending the Pre-TTC Programme.

After being in to art of living from 2010 November, I always want to do all courses of AOL to feel proud on saying that I had done all the courses of art of living. I know part-1 had tread the path for me and because of that I am here today looking for to do something better for the society.

I volunteered in my own comfort zone in a little bit manner for some of the courses. But at that point of time there was  always a subtle need to getting attention or appreciation for what I did and many times got frustrated when others are doing better in arranging courses and events. After attending this course one thing I realized that, the shrinkness enveloped me in throwing comparison with my work and others was the hindrance to reaching out to peoples to spread master’s knowledge most of the times.  It should be their destiny/karma of the other person to be a part of this good cause and felt that this is not my cup of tea to inform peoples about AOL. I was hesitant and couldn’t even recognize that I should be one among the tool for others to come in to the path of wisdom for them to lead an independent life.

In the Pre-TTC Programme the initial questions & process made me to think why I am still here in art of living. Why do I follow AOL is it because following a crowd or is it own conviction. Many brainstorming group processes of the Programme had given me a chance to introspect more and more in to my experience and had realized the effects of courses and how it had helped me to move ahead in life.

Now I am feeling to convey the message and reach out to more peoples about AOL and its workshops. Pre-TTC will make a graduate to an MBA passed out candidate. It is elevating to that level of ability to do which we thought we cannot. Feeling an urge to communicate now whenever I see people in lift or outside how can I talk to this person to make him curios about AOL. Sometimes feeling to Scream to the world and tell that something beautiful like Art of living exists which takes us to our real existence. Don’t know how and when and what to talk or where to start still I had seen that I am getting that gut feeling to speak about AOL and courses like how a child explains about his day in his school to his mother. The process of frequent Intro talks, Talking in loud, time management these all things are helping in day to day official work also. Now a days If I am saying 2 minutes to a person, automatically somebody from inside will be warning even if I am close to 2 minutes and I am able to revert him/her back exactly on 2 minutes by attending to them or by asking little more time. J

Formally there is no point in saying thanks to both of you Sangeetaji & Vinayji and you both were at ease with all of us to be in line with our sensitivity through out the course J I am really Thankful for making me to go through this wonderful course If I need to be grilled to become eligible to represent AOL much better way I am ready to repeat the course J

May I would be able to fulfill our master’s wishes and dreams to spread the knowledge and meditation in each nook and corner in the world and let me get involved to do something together which ‘HE’ will be always feel proud about it. Jai Gurudev

Seeking blessings,


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