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Hai, Do anybody are so keen to know me through this blog???I dont know why it is needed but felt an urge to create something when the thoughts are started pouring in and i want to write it down in my own platform or I need to speak it out. Why I created this blog is to streamline my thoughts to see what is in me and how can it be benefitted. People call  me Ramesh for identification as always name is there for identification. Otherwise many times I feel what is in name. Or we are in good/bad books of others mind through name. Somehow I always want a different name which kindles the real nature when It is called and I don’t know somewhere around I started muttering the word “Chith” I loved it. Don’t even know the real meaning. I was repeating that many times and I want that to be registered. May be it just came from my involvement in chantings or readings of few spiritual leaders books. Wheneve that word I hear it kindles me something. I am existing and things around me exist in the knower. I see/I know/ I feel all those “I” pointing to that source which is giving existence to all around us. So if I am not here then the world doesn’t exists. World exists in my knowledge. That consciousness/source is chith. When I realized this I thought this is something to retain in my life to elevate from the doership. This will bring me back to be in touch with the source. I don’t crave for attention of others through my actions and words.

Fortunate that, I got a chance to get involved with an organisation called “Art of living” founded by a veteran player known as “Sri Sri Ravishankarji” (http://srisriravishankar.org/)  I find the practices he put up is very logical and interesting and anybody who wants to excel in the game of life  have an immense opportunity waiting there always. It is open to everyone in this world. Every practice will make us eligible to go to next level automatically and gradually. Only we need to retain the passion inside us. Some of the practices: PartI/DSN(Do Something Now)/KYC(Know your child)/Sahaj Samadhi/Art of Silence or Part II had given awareness to me that it is very important to play well in the game rather than stressing for winning. To be more specific, it not even playing well  just continue with the practices/explore the practices in the field. That is the joyous moment. Many times i realised that I am participating rather than feeling that I am competing. It does make the difference. Feeling gratitude towards those who put me in to this and I will continue for ever with this. Just thought to create my own space here in form of this to share the joy which I got through the training also with an intention to reach out other peoples to understand about this process and Art of living organisation so that they can start and become excel in every walk of life. Cheers…

Personal:        My journey of LIFE begins from 04th June 1979, life going on. Looking back, feeling gratitude towards all the happenings which made me live and keep going. It will be too young to talk about the life experiences but still I can say lot of things came across peoples, friends, education, relationships career ups and downs and still it all happening in a shuffled manner. I am glad that at least on this 34 years of long travel I got a chance to get connected with good personalities who had shared the right knowledge to retain smile within me, even if there are “miles to go before I sleep”

Books are my pets. I dont know how should I go and organise the time to read the collections I have, but that is the bridge I created in my own world to depend at any time.It is the best companion to be with.It will not talk but when I want to talk to them then it is having enough things to talk.Only thing I need to know how to read in between the lines. 🙂


Baby steps in career started in 1999 after my graduation in commerce and joined first as a trainee in Accounts and I am in to an ‘Accounting’ profession now working in Dubai, UAE since 2006.

Always wishing all the best ………………….Chith!!!!!!!!!! 



4 Responses to “About Me:”

  1. Ramesh, You stepped up. Surely you will reach on heights. Great beginning. Appreciate that you are getting in to track to explore the creative/humourous/ imaginative and inspirational thoughts [but not the aggresive nature brother:):)] Will keep an eye on this. Good Luck. I pray to al mighty that you may have all the best in life and may you have the strength and health to touch many hearts of people in this world.. Also wishing you to have a cute and loving partner to keep you safe. Cheers to you brother. With warm regards and lots of love //Pranav.

  2. Arun Menon Says:

    Dear Chith,

    Good one… But a small tip to think????

    When you tell you are the “pure Consciousness” which understand the entire world outside then who is the one who realize this “pure consciousness” or knowing the fact that “i am the pure consciousness” so it is better to be silent…

    No one in the world can explain “pure consciousness” when we try to explain it it remains unexplainable….

    “Poornamada poornamidam poornaad poornamudachyathe… poornasya poornamadaya poornamevavashishyathe”…..


    • Arunettan, That is a good pinch. I agree what you said. My intention was to mention that there is not much importance to the individual, only real is that knowledge behind our feelings and emotions without him we dont even exists today in whatever name we are known and there is no importance in holding the name or other things. That is what I meant when I mentioned “Chith” It is true that person who knows this wont be existing again to tell that he is the existence. As per the scriptures it is like peeling onion once you peel fully there will not be any existence for ONION and we cannot say that onion exists.These all things are small steps to acheive that silence mode.. 🙂

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